Who Is Liz Swann Miller, Author Of The Red Smoothie Detox Factor

I first heard about Liz Swann Miller while searching the web for information about detoxification.

I was feeling like I needed to try a body cleanse again, but didn’t want to do the same old stuff I had already tried. I was hoping for something a little tastier, and maybe something that worked well enough to use on a regular basis.

Liz Swann Miller Before After

When I found the Red Smoothie Detox Factor, showing a 21-day meal plan, it seemed like a more moderate solution than the average detox. Hopefully one that I could use over and over, if I needed to.

As it turns out, Ms. Liz Swann Miller was a chubby college coed, when she decided to join a college-sponsored excursion to the ancient and fabled Inca city of Macchu Picchu.

After enjoying the multitude of different drinks and edibles enjoyed by the Mexican culture, she realized she was feeling re-energized.

However, when she decided to make the trek up mighty Macchu Picchu, she was embarrassed by the amount of time and effort it took her to accomplish what others did in half the time.

Liz Swann MillerThe trip, the foods she discovered, and her improved medical profile, upon returning from her trip, led her to transform her diet and develop the Red Smoothie Detox Factor.

Liz Swann Miller has plenty of experience in the nutrition world but is an even better expert when it comes to making of smoothies and healthy juices.

Owing to how knowledgeable she is in both these fields, she decided to write a book to instruct people on how to lead healthier lives and especially by using smoothies as a way to detoxify their bodies.

Initially, the program was followed by only her clients, but when it produced overwhelmingly good results, it was imperative that it be released to the general public.

Liz Swann Miller - Author of the Red Smoothie Detox Factor

People still have very positive feedback concerning the results of the best detox diet plan written by her.

Miller is an applauded seller worldwide, and with her detox diet plan, it looks like she is about to hit big on detox eBook publications, again.

She is now a six-time, best-selling author and nutrition guru, who has dedicated her life to helping others, through her occupation as a naturopath.

Practicing naturopathy for fifteen years, she has helped more than 200.000 people become more fit and healthy, by eating right.

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