Pink Patch Review – Weight Loss Patch

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Pink Patch Review

Pink Diet Patch is one of a few weight loss patches to hit the market. Slimming patches are becoming one of the most popular ways to deliver products to your body without having to remember to take a pill or deal with messy shakes.

The Pink Patch is indicated for use by applying a patch to an inconspicuous place on your body in the morning and wearing it throughout the day.

Pink Patch Ingredients

The main active ingredient in Pink Patches is Fucus Vesiculosus, which is a type of seaweed also known as kelp. Pink Patches also contain caffeine, lecithin, and flax seed oil. Yerba Mate, a naturally occurring form of caffeine is the sole stimulant in this product.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer fails to disclose any of the concentrations of the ingredients in the Pink Patch.

Does the Pink Patch Diet Work?

Apparently the maker of Pink Patches is not certain that they are effective since every claim made on the website is prefaced with the word “may”.

It is difficult to tell if there are any certainties that this product will help you lose weight or increase energy and the only thing that is for sure is that it is a discrete way to administer a weight loss product.

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It is interesting to point out that although no actual claims are made that the ingredients are effective, the maker claims the Pink Patch will help you get skinny.

Pink Patch Free Trial Alert!

Their website only allows you to sign up for a “free trial”, but further reading shows that this is far from free!

Free Trials will always incur a cost, most likely auto-bill the price of the product!

We DO NOT like free trials as they will always incur a cost at some point. It is far better understanding the true cost of your chosen weight loss patch from the start.

Should you Buy Pink Patch?

Weight loss patches have many benefits and are a truly unique way of providing your body with a continuous and undetectable source of a supplement. Patches are an easier to remember than pills, since you only have to apply them once a day.

We are not keen on Pink Patches though, as to whether the ingredients are effective is impossible to discern. Many of the ingredients are unproven as aids to help people lose weight and in Pink Patches specifically, there is no information regarding just how much of each ingredient is in each patch!

It is not even possible to purchase the Pink Patch from their website if you are in the UK at the moment.

Recommended Weight Loss Patch

A much better alternative is the Slim Weight Patch, a truly a natural weight loss product that contains a potent blend of all natural ingredients.

This herbal Slimming Patch is the most effective weight loss supplement at targeting your thyroid gland and delivering the ingredients when needed over time.

Every purchase of the Slim Weight Patch is backed by a full money-back refund, then you can try it for 120 days and if you’re not 100% happy you can return.

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