Size Zero Patch Review & Alternative Product

The Size Zero Patch is an easy to apply patch that promotes fat burning and should not be confused with the similar sounding product, Size Zero Diet Pill.

Size Zero Patch Review

Using this product can help you lose 24 pounds in 12 days without diet or exercise, according to the manufacturers.

Certainly bold claims as the recommended healthy weight loss by health professionals is between 1-5lbs per week!

The Size Zero Patch uses time-release technology so that you do not get a rapid and high concentration of the fat burning ingredients in the body.

Size Zero Patch Ingredients

The ingredients in this product are not revealed! We would like to tell you but the truth is the manufacturers only reveal that Size Zero Patch contains herbal ingredients!

Size Zero Patch Side Effects

With herbal ingredients it is unlikely that Size Zero Patch will have any serious side-effects.

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Should you Buy Size Zero Patch?

If you regard consumer feedback as the reason to buy a weight loss product then we would certainly not recommend you try this thing!

Some quick research online quickly highlights the number of upset customers in forums over the internet. Whilst not conclusive for highlighting an ineffective product it does cause concern.

More worrying is the lack of information by the makers of Size Zero Patch, just what are these “herbal ingredients”?

Also there is a severe lacking of clinically data supporting that this weight loss patch actually works!

Weight loss patches are an excellent way to lose weight despite some not so good patches on the market. There are some credible weight loss patches that are worth considering though, one particular is the Slim Weight Patch by Roduve.

Recommended Weight Loss Patch

A much better alternative is the Slim Weight Patch, a truly a natural weight loss product that contains a potent blend of all natural ingredients, which the manufacturer reveals unlike Size Zero Patch!!!

This herbal Slimming Patch is the most effective weight loss supplement at targeting your thyroid gland and delivering the ingredients when needed over time.

Every purchase of the Slim Weight Patch is backed by a full money-back refund, then you can try it for 120 days and if you not 100% happy you can return.

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